Dr. Shashikala S

Experienced General Physician | Over 29 Years Of Experience | Diabetologist

Name: Dr. Shashikala S

Speciality: Diabetologist

Qualification: MBBS & PGDHS

Experience: 29 + Years

Email: drshashikalasks@gmail.com

Mobile: 8072877329

Registration No: 51152

Whatsapp No: 9841299510


Diabetes Consultation

We offer comprehensive diabetes consultation services where Dr. Shashikala evaluates each patient's medical history, performs a thorough examination, and develops personalized treatment plans. These consultations focus on education, lifestyle modifications, and medication management to help individuals effectively manage their diabetes.

Blood Glucose and HbA1c Testing

Monitoring blood glucose levels is crucial in diabetes management. At SKS Sugar Clinic, we provide blood glucose and HbA1c testing services to assess long-term blood sugar control. These tests help us evaluate treatment effectiveness and make necessary adjustments to ensure optimal diabetes management.


Gestational Diabetes Care

Pregnancy can pose unique challenges for women with diabetes. We provide specialized care for women diagnosed with gestational diabetes (GDM). Our treatments aim to maintain healthy blood sugar levels during pregnancy, ensuring the well-being of both the mother and baby. We offer comprehensive monitoring, lifestyle modifications, and medication management as needed.

Hypertension Treatment

At SKS Sugar Clinic, Dr. Shashikala specializes in hypertension management, emphasizing a holistic approach. She works closely with patients to develop personalized treatment plans that include lifestyle modifications, dietary guidance, and if necessary, prescription medication. Regular monitoring of blood pressure and ongoing support are integral parts of her treatment approach, ensuring blood pressure control and reducing the risk of associated complications.



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